Discovering that you have differences on the policy card and installment schedule premiums, commissions or taxes is the result of the information on the policy card being updated after the installment schedule has already been generated.

Removing the differences

How does policy card and installment schedule sync work?

Installment schedule and policy card are synced only once: when you generate the installment schedule. After this has been done, you need to update the installment schedule manually to remove the differences.

How to remove the differences?

There are two options for removing the differences once the policy card has been updated:

  1. Regenerate the installment schedule. Note that this can only done when there are no invoices or payments linked to any of the installments! 

  2. Adjust the installment schedule manually. To do that, simply click on the "edit" button to edit the installment, do the necessary changes and click "Save".

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