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Merging and/or Deleting Customers
Merging and/or Deleting Customers

How to merge and delete customers in the Insly system?

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You may have several reasons for wanting to merge or delete customers. For example, you see that you somehow have duplicate customers in the system, or one company has bought another one and you want to move the data. Merging and deleting customers also helps to minimize the amount of irrelevant data in the system. In this article, you will get a simple overview of how to do this.

How to merge customers 

You are able to merge both individual and company customers in the system. It is even possible to merge an individual customer with a company customer and vice versa.  

What kind of information will be moved?

Merging "Customer A" with "Customer B" will move all objects, quotes, policies and invoices to the new customer. However, please note that any previous customer information (i.e. phone numbers, office addresses) will not be added to the new customer - if you need to add some of this information, you can insert this manually.

Steps to merge the customers

Step 1. Open the page of the "Customer A": it's the one you want to delete and merge with "Customer B".

Step 2. Click on the green cog in the upper right corner in "Customer info" section.

Step 3. Insert the name of "Customer B" and press OK.

"Customer A" has now been merged with another and is automatically deleted from the system. All the documents that were previously under "Customer A" can now be seen on the "Customer B" page.

How to delete customers 

Before you can delete a customer, you have to make sure that there are no related objects, quotes, policies or invoices to that customer. If you want to delete a customer but have issued any of these documents, you have to move these documents to some other customer first. Easiest option is to merge this customer with another - see our guide to merging customers above.

­­If you don't have any documents issued, deleting a customer is very simple. First, open the overview of the customer you would like to delete. On the upper right corner of "Customer info" section click on the "trash can" button and press OK. 

The customer has now been deleted from the system.

Additional Questions and Answers

"I merged the customers, but the recipient information on the invoices did not update. How can I change it?"

You just need to go to the "Invoices" tab and press the button "Update invoice" on the upper right corner. Now, when you open the new invoice pdf file, you can see that the data has been updated. 

"Why can't I see the "delete" button on the customer overview page?"

The "delete" button does not appear if any quotes, objects, policies or invoices have been issued related to this customer. If you don't have any documents issued and still can't see the "delete" button, please contact our Support Team. 


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