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Changing Customer Settings
Changing Customer Settings

How to add custom information and change customer settings?

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You have plenty of options to customize your customer data fields from your system settings. You can set different fields either optional or required, add customer manager roles, categorize customers into groups and add additional information fields for all customers. 

Categorizing customers into groups

In your "System management" -> "Customer settings", you have a possibility to add customer groups and categorize your customers into these groups. Whether it would be, for example, groups about company size, type or location, it is all up to you. 

If you add a group, you will also get an additional filter box on the "customers list" page and you are able to filter customers according to these groups. 

Add an additional field to customer information

If there is some additional information you want show in the customer overview, but it is not in the standard set of data fields, you have the possibility to add a custom field yourself. Adding a custom field is simple and very flexible.

Customer profile settings

To add a custom field, in "Customer settings" click on "Customer profile" and the "+" button to add a new field. Now, you are required to add a name for this new field, but from then on it's up to you to change it how you'd like.

This new field will be added to all the customers, even those you have added previously. If you have set the field as a required information field, the system automatically tries to get your attention to a previously added customer who does not have the required data by showing a red notice on their policy overview. 

If you wish to delete the custom field later on, the fields and all the inserted data will be deleted from all the customers' profiles.

Additional Questions and Answers:

"How can I make customer groups mandatory?"

Unfortunately, this is not possible to do under "Customer groups" section, but it can still be done! You just need to add a new customer information field, choose a "dropdown" field, add groups and then check the "mandatory" box. Now, when you add a new customer, this is a required field. 



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