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Changing the Policy Issuer
Changing the Policy Issuer

How to change the policy issuer and who can be set as the policy issuer?

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On a policy that you are trying to make changes to, changing the policy issuer or other information is only a matter of a few clicks. 

Changing the policy issuer

Who can be set as the policy issuer?

You can select anyone you want as the policy issuer. However, this user needs to be added in the Insly system first. If the person has not yet been added to the system, take a look at this article to see how it's done.

How to change the policy issuer?

Now, if you have the user in your system, changing the policy issuer is quite simple. First, locate the policy you need to change by going to your "Policies" tab and open it - you can now see the overview of this policy. 

You should see a "Persons and commission split" section among others. 

To edit this information, simply click on the "pencil" button at the corner of the section. You can now choose the new policy issuer from the dropdown menu, change the commission information if necessary and click "Save". 

If you look at the section again, the policy issuer has been changed.

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