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Add Agents and Create Agent Reports
Add Agents and Create Agent Reports

How to manage third party agents you work with and their commissions?

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Who are Agents in Insly?

Users in Insly are people who have direct access to your company Insly account (you and your colleagues with access). In addition to people with user access, you may have other colleagues or third party partners who don't need to access your Insly system, but sometimes need to be marked on the policy as a sales person, issuer, introducer, etc. Sometimes these people also earn a share of the commission.
To track this in Insly, these types of people can be added as Agents.

Adding agents

In the "People & Organization" -> "Agents" section in system settings, you can add internal (who are part of your organization) or external (partners who don't belong to your organization) agents to your system. By clicking on the "+" sign on the "Agents" page, a new window opens from where you can specify the details. 

Reporting Agent Commissions

Step 1: Enable agent reports

If you want to create an agent report, go to "Agent reporting/billing" under "Invoices" on the main menu. If you can't see the "Agent reporting/billing" button, this means that you have not yet allowed agent reporting from your system settings.

This is done very easily:

  1. Go to "System Management" by clicking on the grey cog on the upper right corner of your main page.

  2. Click on "Agent Report" on the left menu sidebar.

  3. Change "Allow agent reports" and click "Save".

You should now be able to see "Agent reporting/billing" button under "Invoices".

Step 2: Create agent reports

Now, if you want to create an agent report, go to "Invoices -> Agent reporting/billing" and click on the "+" button to add a new agent report. 

Under the "Installments" tab you can connect the installments related to the agents by clicking on the green cog and then "Connect installments". 

To be able to add installments to "Agent reports", they need to be marked as "collected by retailer", so make sure that the installments have been grouped as such. If you are not sure, you can check and edit this from the "Installment schedule" tab under any policy you would like to connect to the report. 

Otherwise, when trying to link installments to the report the installments will not be shown in the search. 

From the "Overview" tab, you can now create an invoice for this agent.
Note: the agent commission has been automatically deducted from the total of the invoice!

Create an excel file

Next to the "settings" button from where you can connect installments to the report, there is a button which allows you to export the report to an excel file. The downloaded agent report will have two sheets: a more general "overview" and a more detailed "installments" sheet. 

The report can be downloaded to your computer simply by clicking on the "Export to Excel" button. 

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