Deleting a Policy

How to delete a created policy from the system?

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Deleting a policy from the system

Deleting a policy from the Insly system is easy. Open the policy card that you want to delete. On the upper right corner are different action buttons of what can be done with the policy (for example, cancel policy, renewal, etc.).

There is also a button which allows you to delete the policy - to do that, simply click on the "Delete policy" button, click "OK" to confirm and it's done! 

Note: all the documents and endorsements added to the policy will be deleted as well, so if anything needs to be saved, make sure to do that before!

What if there is no "Delete policy" button?

A few conditions still have to be met for you to be able to remove the policy from the system:

  1. There can be no invoices connected to that policy.
    Go to the "Installment schedule" tab, open the invoice(s) and cancel all the connected invoices. Please see here for more details: Cancelling an Invoice

  2. There can be no claims connected to that policy.
    Claims can be deleted from the "Claim card" by clicking on the "Delete claim" button. It is also possible to edit the claim and link it to another policy.

So, if you can't see the "Delete policy" button, then these connection may be the problem. After you have removed both, the "Delete policy" button will appear and you can delete the policy from the system by simply clicking it. 


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