Integrating API with Insly

How to integrate API to clients web service?

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Integrating your own system with Insly via API is available for extra fee.

Generating quotes/linking fields with Insly fields

Let's say you have a website that has a quote information section, where clients can insert the info on their own. For example, on your website you could have fields like "E-mail address" or "Product information". These fields need to be linked to Insly fields so that when an API request is sent from your website then Insly will recognize these fields and add correct values to the correct fields.

Most used API functionalities 

Most common API functionality is to generate quotes. However, there are a lot more functionalities than just quote generation.

For example, you are able to add policies or create invoices. Alongside these bigger functionalities there are also smaller options that can be used, like "Update customer address" or "Get customer list".

Full list of API functionalities


  • Get customer classifiers

  • Add a new customer

  • Update customer

  • Get customer

  • Get customer list

  • Add a new customer address

  • Update customer address

  • Delete customer address

  • Add a contact person

  • Update a contact person

  • Delete a contact person

  • Get policies

  • Get object(s)

  • Get invoice(s)


  • Get policy classifiers

  • Get policy coverage classifiers

  • Get policy object classifiers

  • Add policy

  • Get policy

  • Update policy

  • Issue policy

  • Cancel policy

  • Get policy document(s)


  • Upload document

  • Get document classifiers


  • Create invoice

  • Update invoice

  • Get invoice

  • Get invoice list

  • Mark invoice exported

  • Get overdue invoice list


  • Add payment


  • Get offer

  • Get offer (XML)

  • Update offer

  • Get insurer request

System requests

  • Get system classifiers

  • Get person list

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If you are interested in integrating your own system with Insly, just drop us an email via and let's find the best solution for you!

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