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Creating a Policy from a Quote
Creating a Policy from a Quote

How to create a policy from a quote that was accepted by a customer?

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After getting an acceptance for a quote from a client, you can convert this quote to a policy. 

Convert the quote to the policy

Mark customer response

Before you can create the policy, you have to mark customer's response to the quote you sent them to the Insly system. To do that, open the quote and click on the "Accept" tab. From there, click on "Mark customer response" button. You will now get the option to mark whether the customer accepted or rejected this quote and can also select their payment preferences. 

Creating the policy

After saving the customer response, you can now see a "Create policy" button in the same tab. Simply click on the button and set a start date. You are also given an option to create invoice for the first installment right away.

When you click on the "Create policy" button, the policy is created and it includes all the data you also marked on the quote. 

Note that the policy is not automatically issued, so you still need to do that by yourself!


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