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Customizing Product Fields

How to capture product-specific policy information in Insly?

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In this article we will show you how to create product-specific fields, so you can capture all the required information depending on what line of insurance it is.

How to change/create new product fields?

Go to your System Management and find your Products section. Now, click on the Product name of the product you wish to edit. A similar form appears:

NB! Coverage form needs to be "Custom" to create your own fields.

Customize Policy Coverage fields

You can add custom fields for capturing policy coverage information from the "Coverage Fields" area. These fields will appear in the form when making a quote for this product and in the "Coverage" screen on a policy.ย 

Pro tip: you can change the default product templates (Motor, Home Insurance, Travel) to your needs by editing the cover information.

Customize Claim Coverage fields

If you use the system to manage claims you can create product specific claims fields. This allows you to capture additional information about the claim specific to this product.

Be sure to also check out our Claims section.

Example of adding a custom field

In the below example we are adding a custom field to allow us to select from multiple deductible options for the policy. Since only one option is allowed at a time we will use the "Dropdown" field type.

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