Objects and How to Manage Them

What are object types and how to add them?

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In this article you will learn how to add new object types and manage existing ones.

What are objects?

Objects in Insly represent the assets that are insured by an insurance policy. For example, a vehicle, private property or even a person can be considered an object.

When to use objects?

Objects in Insly allow you to capture additional information per object, which is useful in many lines of P&C insurance, especially when you need to capture multiple insured assets on one policy.

For example, if you sell Bicycle insurance and have a fleet policy covering 30 bicycles, each bicycle can be added as a separate object.

How can I change what information is captured under an object?

This is where "Object types" come into play. Insly has 3 object types defined by default: Vehicle, Private Property and Person. You can edit the information you capture for these objects or create your own Object types from by going to "System Management" -> "Products & Objects" -> "Object Types".

Editing an object type

In the example below we have created a new object type "Pet" (for pet insurance) and will edit the form to add a new breed of dog to the list.

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