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Setting up Automatic E-mails
Setting up Automatic E-mails

How to set up automatic e-mails in Insly?

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In this article you will learn how to set up automatic e-mails in Insly system. To do that, open your "System management" and click on "E-mail settings".

General e-mail address settings

You can choose a specific e-mail address to be shown as a sender address to all the e-mails that are sent out through your Insly platform. To do that, enter your preferred address to "E-mail address" field. Also, if you want to show, for example, your company name next to your e-mail address, enter this to the "Display name" field. 

You can also add different e-mail addresses and display names for different functionalities (for sending invoices or for debt management). Simply add an additional e-mail address and display name for that functionality.

If you do not wish to use different e-mail addresses, you can use your general e-mail address for all these functionalities. To do that, simply check "Use general email for all outgoing emails" box.

If an e-mail has been sent out and a customer replies to it, it's usually replied to the same e-mail address as what it was sent from. If you wish to receive those e-mails to your personal e-mail address, you can select "Set reply-to: as current user email address (if it is entered)".

Add BCC to e-mails

If you would like to receive all outgoing e-mails to another e-mail address as well, you can select "Send BCC copy of all outgoing e-mails" as "yes". Once you have done that, an additional field is shown for you to insert the e-mail address: 

Now, add an e-mail address you would like to receive all outgoing e-mails to. If you would like to sometimes modify this e-mail address, it's useful to check the "Show BCC field in mail dialogs" field. This way the field is always present when you are sending an e-mail.

Outgoing (SMTP) mail server settings

If you are using Insly system and sending out e-mails from Insly mail server, you can keep the "use Insly outgoing mail server" option. However, if you would like to use your own mail server, select "use your own outgoing mail server" like shown in the picture below:

Now, just fill all required fields:

  1. Server hostname/port

  2. Secure connection: no/TLS/SSL

  3. Authentication: server does not require authentication/server requires authentication

  4. Username

  5. Password

HTML email editing

If you would like to edit your e-mail templates, simply check the "Use HTML email editing" field. This gives you an opportunity to adjust your e-mail texts when you are setting up your automatic e-mail templates (for example, set some text as bold, underlined etc.). You can read more about modifying automatic e-mail templates from this article.

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