Sometimes customers want to pay for separate installments with one payment. After receiving this kind of payment from a customer, you might need to split it between separate installments. This article gives you an overview of how to do that.

Splitting payments between installments

Step 1. Add a payment from the customer to the system

First, you need to add a payment under "Invoicing" tab. After clicking on the "+" sign you will need to fill in the payment type, payment sum, payer name and other information about the payer. Click on "Save" and the payment is added to the system.

Step 2. Linking the first invoice

Next, you need to link invoices to the payments. Open the payment you want to link from the payments list in "Invoicing" -> "Payments". In the overview of the payment you just need to click on the "+" button next to "Linked invoices". 

Now you have an option to search for an invoice either by invoice number or a customer name. After that you are presented with an unpaid amount for chosen customer. Check the box in front of the correct invoice and see whether the amount is correct as well.

After linking the first invoice, you can link other invoices the same way. For example, if a customer has paid for 3 installments with one payment, you just need to create next installments under their payment schedule. First, you need to locate customer's policy and open "Installment schedule". Click on the "dollar sign" behind the installment for which you want to create an invoice. 

Choose the date and click "Create invoice" from there. After that, you can just repeat the same steps as linking the first invoice. 

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