Once you feel confident that Insly can be used in your daily business, here's a short guide on how to set up your paid Insly subscription. Please note you will NOT be billed before your free trial expires.

Adding a payment method

Step 1: Go to Billing Credentials screen

During your free trial a notice on top of the main menu displays how many days you have left on your free trial. When your trial expires you will be prompted to enter your payment details. 

Step 2: Review your information

The Billing Credentials page gives you an overview of the number of currently active users in your account and your next monthly subscription amount + taxes if applicable. EU based companies subject to VAT reverse charge, can click the "Edit billing information" button and insert their VAT ID number

You can review your users, by clicking on the active users link.
Last invoice shows your latest paid invoice receipts.

Step 3: Adding your payment method

Click on the green "+" sign to enter your payment details. We accept Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards and Paypal.

Once you have entered your card or Paypal details click "Save" and your subscription will be activated. Please note you will NOT be billed before your free trial expires.

If you have any difficulties adding your payment method, please don't hesitate to ask our support team via the chat.

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