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Claim Status Settings

How to create and describe claim status?

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How to define different stages in your claims handling process? Claims status settings are easy to find and change! Go to your "System management" by clicking on the grey cog on top right corner and find "Claim status settings".

Define claim statuses

You can create a new claim status by clicking "+" button. You are required to give a descriptive name to the new claim status. Also, depending on the claim status, choose the type as "Open" or "Closed". You can have any number of "Open" or "Closed" statuses. 

For example, defined "Open" statuses could be "Awaiting information", "Awaiting settlement from insurer",  "Reopened", "No cover", etc. 

Likewise, you can track different "Closed" statuses and add, for example, "Settled", "Liability denied", "Claim within excess", "Claim redirected", and others.

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