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Adding Images to E-mail Templates
Adding Images to E-mail Templates

How to add images to your e-mail templates?

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When you are creating e-mail templates, you might want to add a picture to your signature or have the whole signature as a picture. There are some really simple steps how to do that.

Adding an image to template

Where to begin?

First of all you have to make sure you have the image file saved on your computer. Now, go to your "System Management" by clicking on the settings button in the upper right corner of the screen. Locate "E-mails & PDF printouts" and click on "Template images".  Click on the "+" button to add new image from your computer to the system.

Adding an image to your e-mail template

After you have uploaded your picture to template images, you will need to make sure that this will appear under e-mails as well. 

First, you will need to check the name of the image file you added to the system. For example, let's say that the file is named as "Test123".  Now, open "E-mail templates" under your "E-mails & PDF printouts". 

Click on the "pencil" button to modify quote template. If there is more than one template for your quotes, you will need to edit all of them. 

A "Modify template" page opens. In the content section, you will need to add "[img:Test123.jpg]" to the template as shown below. Note that instead of the "Test123" should be the file name of your uploaded picture!

That's it! If you want to check if the image will be shown correctly in sent e-mails, you can open any quote and click on "Mail quote". Send this e-mail to your own e-mail address to be sure that everything looks exactly like you want it to.

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