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How to add discounts to policies or installments?

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You have two options to add discounts to your policies - either to the whole policy or separately to certain installments.

Add a discount to the policy

To add a discount to the whole policy, open the policy overview and click on the "edit" button of the discount section. Note that policy-based discounts can only be added when no invoices have been created for any of the installments! 

When setting a discount, there are three discount types to choose from: 

  1. One time sum - a one time discount fee deducted only from the first regular installment.

  2. Proportional sum - sum is deducted proportionally from each installment based on the premium.

  3. Percentage - percentage deducted from the premium on each installment.

There are, however, some limitations to adding policy-based installments. If you have already set a discount for any of the installments, you can't set an additional policy-based discount anymore. Also, policy-based discounts cannot exceed commission, by sum nor by percentage. If you need to add a bigger discount, you can do so by adding discount directly to the installments. 

Installment-based discounts

Additionally, you can set discounts directly to installments. To do that, open the "Installment schedule" tab of a policy and click on the "edit" button of the installment you want to add the discount to. 

The last field that can be seen here is "Discount". From there, you can select whether you want to add a discount as a specific sum or as a percentage of the installment. 

If there is a policy-based discount already added, it is still possible to change it directly when editing the installments. Installment-based discount sum can also exceed the commission sum. 

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