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Setting up Commission Split
Setting up Commission Split

What do commission split settings do on policies? How to set up default commission split percentages?

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If you go to your "Policy settings", you have the option to change a few settings related to commissions and splitting up commissions. This article gives you an overview of what these settings mean. 


In policy settings you can choose whether you allow overcommission or if 100% commission split between persons is required. 

  • Allow overcommission - when this is selected, when splitting the commission, the sum of the commission can exceed the provided overall commission sum of the policy. This way, even though the system marks the figures in red to show that the sum of the persons commissions exceeds the overall commission, but creating the policy with these figures is still allowed. 

When this box is not checked, an error message will be shown when trying to add these kinds of figures. 

  • 100% commission split between persons is required - when this is selected, you are required to split the commission by 100% between your internal and external agents when creating a policy.

Commission types

  • % of commission - this is chosen by default and can't be unchecked. Specifies the percentage from the internal commission amount which the person will get as commission. This is the sum/percentage calculated of the whole policy that was set as insurer commission - this is then split according to the given proportions.

  • % of gross premium - when this is chosen, you can specify the percentage from the gross premium of the policy which the person will get as commission. 

  • Specified sum - specifies the exact sum which the person will get as a commission. 

If you want to disable the possibility to choose "% of gross premium" or "specified sum", you can't have any data related to these options in the system. If this is not the case, you will get an error when trying to save the settings.

Default commission split

You may have noticed that there are more options related to commissions in your system settings. For example, by opening "Default commission split" from the left side menu, you can set up exactly that - how the commission is split by default between the sales person and the policy issuer. 

Note: when set up, all these are just default figures - you can still change these manually if needed.

If you want to get a better overview about splitting commissions, take a look at this article to get a better overview of how it works.

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