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Adding Insurers to Quotes
Adding Insurers to Quotes

How to add insurers to quotes?

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When you are creating a new quote, some questions may come up about how exactly adding insurers to the quote works. Also, what happens if you add insurers you actually don't want to show on the offer?

Step 1. Filling in the information

As usual, first you will start with filling in the necessary information on the quote form. When information is filled and objects have been added to the quote, you can continue with adding insurers. Take a look at this article, if you need more help with adding objects to quote.

Step 2. Adding insurers

In order to get the correct quote offer you will need to add insurers manually to the quote. You can do that by selecting insurers from the drop-down menu. Choose one insurer at a time and click on the plus sign to add it to the quote. Do it with all the insurers you want to add the prices for.

After choosing all the insurers you like, the next step is specifying the prices for the installment numbers that should be shown.

Step 3. Choosing which insurers will be shown on the quote PDF file

The next step is choosing which insurers will be shown on the quote and which insurer is broker's recommendation. If you have added insurer from the list already, then you cannot delete it, but you have an option to check only those insurers you want to show on the quote.

When all of this has been done, then the last step is just to click "Save" and then "Mail quote".

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