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What information can be seen in the "Policy info" section in policy overview? How to edit policy info?

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Overall, the policy info section gives an overview about a variety of information. Let's take a look at each row and what is presented here.

  • Customer - when adding a new policy, you have the option to insert customer as an existing customer who is already in the database, or to insert information about a new one. 

  • Coverage - this shows a product which was chosen when creating a policy.
    the meaning of "Coverage" in the policy info section and in the "Coverage" step when creating a policy is different!

  • Object - this information shows the chosen vehicle or other object that was set under the "Coverage" section when adding a new policy. For a vehicle, "make and model" and "licence plate" are shown.

Policy info

  • Policy type - there are 4 options to choose from when creating a policy: regular policy, complex policy, fleet policy, and 3rd party policy. 

  • Insurer - this shows the specific insurer that was chosen for this policy, which was selected from all the added insurers from the "Policy info" section when creating a policy.

  • Policy number - this can be inserted when you are issuing the policy after it is already created.

  • Issue date, start date and end date - these can all be selected from the "Policy info" section when creating a policy. 


There are a few different status options for policies in different states. 

  1. First, when you create a policy, but have not yet issued it, the status will be "saved".

  2. When policy has been issued, the status will change to "valid".

  3. When you decide to cancel the policy, the status will change to "cancelled" and also 2 new fields will appear, showing the cancel date and the inserted cancel reason.


Both "Sales type" and "Sales channel" can be selected from the "Sales" section when creating a policy. 

In "Policy settings" in the system management there is an option to choose whether to show standard list or a custom specified list of sales types. 

When choosing the "Custom specified list", you will get another option in the "Policy settings" list where you can insert custom sales types.

When creating a policy, in the "Sales" section you can also select the "Sales channel". In the list, all the added possibilities are presented (these can be added from under "Sales management" -> "Sales channels"). 

Renewal status

Renewal status can be changed when clicking on "Renewal" button in the row of buttons.

To read more about renewing a policy, have a look at this article

Editing the policy info

If you want to edit some policy info, click on the "edit" button on the corner of the section.

Now, a new window opens and you can see different options which you can edit:

Simply click on "Save" and the data is changed.

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