Renewing Policies

How to renew a policy?

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In the policy overview, you can see the option to renew the policy. This can be done by clicking on "Renewal" button in the row of buttons:

Now, a new window opens. Here you can see the different statuses of the renewal process and the chosen one will be displayed in the policy info section.  

If you choose "renewed", you will get the option to choose the insurer for the new policy as well as the start date. You can also select an option to create a new policy card right away. 

Now, you will be taken to the overview of the new policy. Note that the policy is not automatically issued and you still need to insert the premium information and generate the installment schedule! Also, if you need to have taxes added to the policy, you should do that by editing the "Coverage" section.

On the new policy card, a new section will appear, showing the number of the previous policy:

On the previous policy, the renewal status will also show the new policy number:

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