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Fee Payment Types

How to add fee installments to policies?

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Sometimes there are additional fees that need to be charged from customers in addition to the installment schedule itself. These may include costs for multiple installments, transaction costs or something else. To be able to charge these, you have the option to add special fee payment types to your system.

Enabling fee payment types

First step is to enable fee payments. This can be done from System Management -> Policy settings. In "Fee payments" section, check the box for "Enable fee payment categories". Once saved, a new menu should appear to the left side menu: Fee payment types.

Adding a new fee type

To add a new fee type, simply go to System Management -> Fee payment types. Click on "Add a new type" button to start adding a new fee.

Note: If the menu option is not there, you may not yet have enabled this from your "Policy settings". Simply check the box for "Enable fee payment categories".

Now, a new window pops up:

Simply add a name for your fee payment and you are ready to go! If you need to have taxes calculated from your fee payments as well, you can additionally select a Tax Scheme for that. 

Add a fee installment to installment schedule

To add a new "Fee installment", open the policy installment schedule and click on "Add a new installment".

Now, all the fee installment types that you have added to your system should show in the dropdown:

Select the one you would like to add. 

  • Installment: if you want the fee to be conneced with a specific installment, you can choose this from here. This way the fee payment is also shown in the insurer reporting and, if every future installment has additional fee installment connected to it, it is automatically added to the future invoices.

  • Sum: select the sum and currency for this fee installment. 

  • Period begin and end: select the time period for this fee installment.

  • Due date: select when paying the fee is due.

  • Collects: choose who collects the fee.

  • Description: you can add a description for your fee installment.

  • Taxation: if you have added a Tax Scheme to your fee type in System Management, you can choose to add a tax to this installment as well.

Click "Save" and the fee installment is added to the installment schedule!

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