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Adding Objects to a Quote
Adding Objects to a Quote

How to add objects to the quote?

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When you start creating a new quote, you may also need to add specific objects to the quote. This article gives you an overview of how to do that. 

First step: Select a product

To be able to add objects to the quote, you first need to select a product. This can be done in the "Product" section of the quote. Once a product has been selected, a new field for objects appears. 

Note: Object fields do not appear for products for which the object type has not been selected  - for more specific overview of product features in Insly, have a look at this article

How to add existing objects to a quote?

Once you have the objects in the system, adding these to quotes is really easy. When you have filled in customer and product information, you can type the object name to the "Search for object" field. 

Note: Only objects with the correct product-related object type will be shown! 

Once you click on the object, it will be added to the list. 

How to add new objects to the quote?

Sometimes you need to create quotes for objects that have not yet been added to the system. In this case, you are able to add the new object directly from the quote.

To do that, select a product and then click on the "Add Object" button. 

Now, a new window opens with all the fields you would normally require to be filled when adding a new object directly to a customer. 

Simply fill the fields in and click "Save". The object will be linked to the customer immediately - if you open the customer from your system, you can see the new object in the list. 

Editing an object on the quote

Additionally, you are able to edit objects directly on the quote. To do that, simply click on the "Edit" button of this object. 

In the pop-up window you can directly change the necessary information. Simply click on "Save" and it will be changed on the quote. When you search for this object under the specific customer, you can see that the information has been changed there as well.

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