Adding payments to the system and linking them to invoices is a standard step when tracking finances. In Insly, one option of how to add payments to the system is to simply manually add them.

You can also take a look at this and this tutorial video explaining payments in Insly and how to add them. 

Adding new payments 

To start adding payments manually to the system, go to Invoicing and click on the Payments menu.
Here you can see the list of the payments that have been added to the system. To start adding a new onw, click on "Add a payment" from the upper right corner.

Adding new payments from the installment schedule

You can also add payments directly from the policy's installment schedule. Note that the invoice has to be created first to be able to do that!

Simply click on the "Add Payment" button of the installment you want to add the payment to, fill in the necessary fields and you're done!
If you add a payment directly from the installment schedule, it will be linked to the invoice automatically.

Overview of the payments fields

  • Payment type dropdown allows you to choose type of the payment. This can be a bank transfer, cash payment, credit card payment, or others.

  • In the broker bank account field you should select the account to which the payment was made.

  • Payment date marks the date this payment was made.

  • Payment sum is the paid sum. You are able to select between different currencies, if these have been added to the system.

  • Payer info section should contain the information about the payment.

  • Try to automap payment - when this box is checked, system automatically tries to link this payment to a unpaid invoice.

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