Adding Insurers

How to add new insurers to the system?

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To be able to send out quotes and add policies, you should have insurers you work with added to the system. 

Adding new insurers

Insurers can be added very easily from the System Management. Simply click on the "Insurers" menu and then on the "+" button to add a new insurer.

Now, a new window opens where you are able to insert the information about this insurer.

You should add a shorter name and also a legal full name of this insurer.
You can also directly connect this insurer to their customer record. Note that this is a customer record of this insurer (not of the customers who use this insurer) and having this linked allows you to create invoices or insurer statements for this insurer. If you have allowed "ID code/reg code" field from Customer Settings, then that field will be displayed instead.

The "Installment schedule" section allows you to set how rounding and remainders work for this insurer.

Once you have filled in all the fields, simply click "Save" and the insurer has now been added to the system!

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