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Sales Opportunities and Leads
Sales Opportunities and Leads

How to track possible Sales Opportunities?

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Setting up Sales Opportunities

Sales opportunities can be enabled from System Management -> Sales management settings -> "Enable Sales Opportunities Tracking".

Now, a new menu appears - "Sales opportunities". From here it is possible to set up field of activities for clients. This allows you to group different products and set the fields to existing customers in the system to get an overview about which product policies they have and which they might be interested in.

Selecting "Field of Activity" for a customer

Customer "Field of activity" can be chosen from the customer overview, from "Customer profile" section.

Once done, then in the "Sales opportunities" section you should see which policies this customer has and which they do not.

Sales Opportunities on Dashboard

In addition to customer card, Sales Opportunities can also be seen from the Dashboard.

You can filter them by the customer's field of activity or the product you wish to sell.

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