In Insly, invoices can't be deleted - however, if there has been a mistake or an error with an invoice, it is possible to cancel it and then create a new one.

Cancelling the invoice

To cancel an invoice, go to "Invoicing" and click on "Invoices". From the list of invoices you need to locate the invoice that you need to cancel - you can also use the filter option and write the invoice number to find it more quickly. 

To cancel an invoice, simply open the invoice and press "Cancel invoice" in the upper right corner. 

If there is no "Cancel invoice" button, most likely a payment has already been linked to this invoice in which case continue reading!

Unlinking the payment from the invoice

If there is no "Cancel invoice" button, a payment might be linked to this invoice. In this case, the payment can be easily unlinked:

  1. Go to the "Payments" tab of the invoice

  2. Click on the "Delete" button of the payment that needs to be unlinked.
    P.S. This will not delete the payment from the system!

Once this has been done, the "Cancel invoice" button should appear on the upper right corner of the policy card.

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