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Account configuration checklist
Account configuration checklist

A checklist of things you need to set up Insly for your business

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You can use this checklist as a point of reference to the main settings that help gear up Insly to your business. Feel free to skip any points not relevant to you and don't hesitate to ask us for help through the chat!

1 Complete the Setup Wizard 

Setup wizard lets you add 3 basic things needed to capture policies in Insly: Insurers, Insurance Products and default commissions. If you haven't yet done this, it's a good place to start:


2 Set up Currencies (<2 min)

Insly lets you record premium and fee transactions in whatever currency you operate with. You can add all the currencies you work with from system management. Check the article below to see how.
Article on Currencies

3 Add your bank account(s) (<2 min)

Find "Bank Accounts" in system management and add at least one Customer transactions account. If you have separate accounts for multiple currencies you can add them all.
Read about Bank accounts and how they are used here

4 Set up your customer invoice template (<10 min)

Customer billing is a big part of Insly. You can customize the way your invoices look like and what information they contain. Add your company logo, wire transfer details, legal notices etc.
Creating your invoice template 

5 Set up cash receipts (<5 min)

If you need to provide a receipt upon payment in cash or other types of payment, you can switch on cash receipts and the system will generate a receipt when adding payment.
How to set up cash receipts

6 Set up E-mail templates (<15 min)

Insly has contextual emailing for tasks such as client invoicing, sending policy documents, overdue payment reminders etc. Out top 3 starting recommendations are:
Create your email signature
Create template for sending invoices
Create template for sending policy documents
(Almost) everything about e-mail templates

7 Set up your local taxes (<20 min)

You can apply your local market insurance premium taxes, stamp duties and other taxes using our tax module. This one is a bit trickier so we recommend going through the steps in the below article:
How to set up Taxes


8 Set up your insurer billing (<10 min)

Insurer Reporting/Billing is used to track payments to and from insurers. To see how Insurer reporting works, have a look at this video

In cases where you need to bill the insurance company for your commission you need to first do this:

  1. Make sure insurer has a Legal Entity name and Company Reg No

2. Add Insurer as a customer to Insly.
Customer type needs to be "Company"
Customer name needs to be same as Insurer Legal Entity Name
Customer Reg No needs to be same as Insurer Reg No.

9 Add default premium collection and commission rates per product (<5 min)

  1. If you didn't add all your insurers from the wizard you can add the remaining from System Management->Insurers

  2. Add default Premium Collection type per insurer/product from System Management ->Insurer Collection schemes

  3. Add default Commission per insurer/product from System Management-> Commissions


10 Review your regional settings (<2 min)

You can change things like week start, timezone, date format, decimal separators etc.

11 Add your logo and color scheme to your account (<2 min)

From System Design and Colors you can change the look and feel of your account by uploading your logo and changing the system colors to match your company brand.

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